Water & Flooding

This type of disaster is usually caused by flooding or a plumbing failure; either from the pipes that bring water to the Utah property or the drain lines that carry excess water away. If you have discovered water damage or flooding, Five Point Restoration can pinpoint the problem, dry it out, & clean it up swiftly and professionally.


Mold spores exist naturally in both indoor and outdoor environments and in normal concentrations cause little harm to people or property in Utah.  It is not uncommon, however, for a change in environmental circumstances such as water damage, flooding or other disasters to create conditions that promote mold growth. Our Salt Lake City technicians are trained, tested, and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) to provide the highest quality mold recovery and cleanup services available.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage has all the problems of a water damage or flooding claim, with the addition of dangerous microbes and bacteria that pose a serious risk to your health. Five Point Restoration in Salt Lake City can handle all of your sewage cleanup and related disaster recovery needs.

Fire & Smoke

If a fire or smoke disaster has damaged your property, call Five Point Restoration. We will assess the extent of the fire damage, identify the type of contamination, and clean up the aftermath of the disastrous fire.


In Utah wind is an unpredictable disaster that can have wide-ranging and catastrophic effects on your Salt Lake City property. Five Point Restoration’s wind damage experts will evaluate the property and create a cleanup plan to make sure the wind damage is repaired quickly.

Utah Disaster Clean up Experts Specializing in Water, Meth, Mold, Sewage, Fire and Bio Hazard in Salt Lake City

If your Utah property has been damaged by fire, water, or flooding it is easy to become anxious, confused and worried about the cleanup process. At Five Point Restoration, our disaster recovery contractors have the expertise needed to minimize and repair any fire, wind, or water damage, putting your mind back at ease. Whether the damage is due to fire, wind, flooding or other disasters, our Salt Lake City team will clean up your property quickly and efficiently.

When you call Five Point Restoration, one of our Salt Lake City disaster recovery experts will begin minimizing the fire, wind, flooding, or other water damage right away. After assessing the property, our friendly staff will help guide you through the cleanup process. At Five Point Restoration, we happily work with all insurance companies to make certain you get the full amount of coverage your fire, flooding or other disaster insurance provides. We will work side by side with your insurance to ensure the water, fire, or other disaster damage suffered by your Utah property is cleaned up in a timely manner.